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May & June Repatriation Flights
(Updated, May 27, 2021 - 9:53am EST)

Dates Airlines Gateways Booking Window
For Thais For Non-Thais
Korean Air ATL, BOS, ORD, SFO, LAX, IAD, JFK Closed OPEN
Asiana Airlines JFK, LAX, SEA, SFO OPEN OPEN

(Above dates denote BKK Arrival dates)

General Information

"Fit-to-fly" and "COVID19-tests" are
NOT required for Thai Nationals


Thank you so much for visiting our site for your travel needs.  We hope this section will answer your questions.

Due to greater than the normal call volumes and emails, our response times maybe delayed.  And we are hopeful that the general information below may answer some of your inquiries.  If you require more assistance, we encourage you to call us at 215-935-2500 during our normal business hours (M-F 10am-5pm EST).  Our office is located in Philadelphia, PA. 

1) Which Airlines Can I book? - Hanatour is an official Travel Agency, authorized by the Royal Thai Embassy to book, sell, and to provide other air ticket related services for Korean Air (KE-180) & Asiana Airlines (OZ-988).  For other carriers, please contact individual carriers directly.

2) How to book flights? - All bookings are made online only at  We apologize, but we are not able to take booking requests over the phone or by email.  Please select your prefer date of arrival and begin your booking process.

3) Can I book round trip tickets? – Yes.  Please book One-Way ticket first.  Then call us at 215-935-2500 to request and book your return portion in person.  

4) Where can't I get my E-tickets?  – We make every attemps to issue and email your ticket within 48 hours of bookings.  Please check to see if your E-ticket is parked in spam/junk folders.  Alternatively, you can retreive your E-ticket 24/7 by going on-line at 

5) What is Korean Air flight schedules like?  

  -  Atlanta   KE36/ATLICN 1155A 525P+
  -  Boston   KE92/BOSICN 1235P 535P+
  -  Chicago   KE38/ORDICN 1125A 455P+
  -  Los Angeles   KE18/LAXICN 1050A 540P+
  -  San Francisco  * KE26/SFOICN 0025A 505A+
  -  New York   KE82/JFKICN 1200N 510P+
  -  Washington     KE94/IADICN 1150A 500P+
  • All above flight will connect to KE 651 (ICNBKK 7:05P 11:20P)
  • * Please note, SFO flight requires 14 hours of layover in Incheon, Korea

6) What is Asiana Airlines flight schedules like?  

  -  New York   OZ221/JFKICN  100P 530P+
  -  Los Angeles    OZ201/LAXICN 1100A 530P+
  -  Seattle   OZ271/SEAICN  220P 545P+
  -  San Francisco  * OZ211/SFOICN 1130P 430A2
  • All above flight will connect to OZ741 (ICNBKK 7:30P 11:10P)
  • * Please note, SFO flight requires 15 hours of layover in Incheon, Korea

7) I have a previously purchased unused return Air Ticket – If you have a valid return E-ticket (USA to Thailand) issued by Korean Air or Asiana Airlines, you will be able to use that ticket for this progam.  Please be sure to select a button to add that ticket information (and upload your E-ticket) during the booking process.  When you are ready to complete the booking process, we will check for the validity of your ticket, and will contact you individually with fare difference and a fee, within 5 business days.  Here are rules and regulation for ticket exchanges.

  - Your return ticket numbers must start with 180 (for Korean Air) or 988 (for Asiana Airlines)
  - All tickets travel dates between 3/4/20 ~ 6/30/21 are eligible for reissue for May Date Departures.
  - In case of reroutings, voluntary schedule changes, and/or booking class changes, an additional charge maybe collected.
  - No vouchers, Mileage redeemed, or EMDs can be used for this program.
  - Reissues are also accepted for tickets issued outside the US sales territory.
  - Hanatour's interpretation of your original ticket's validity is FINAL, and that it reserves full rights to refuse any tickets it deems invalid, incorrect, and/or expired.

8) Refunds & Exchanges - We will be happy to accept any cancellation requests at no charge within 24 hours of ticket purchases.  After 24 hours is past, all refunds/exchanges request are subject to substantially higher fees ($600/refunds & $250/ticket exchange).  For Non-Thai Citizens applying for CoE, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS, BEFORE YOUR CoE & ASQ IS APPROVED.

9) Baggage Allowance - please check airlines website for detailed information.

10) Other Services Requirements

  • Seating Assignmnets - Unfortnately, this repatriation flight does not allow individual seating assignments, and that seats are only assigned at the check-in counter.  If you are a business class passenger, we will be able to assign that seat for you.
  • Special Meal Requests - You can request for special meals during your booking process at our site.
  • Pet Travels - We recomment calling ahead to each individual carriers to see if your pet can be booked.  There are limited number of pets can travel on-board, and we suggest calling the carrier as early as you can to secure a spot.  Carriers will ask you for 1) type of pet, 2) weight of pet, and/or 3) kennel size and weight.  Please have those information ready, before calling the carrier

11) Purchase tickets using miles - No mileage redemption is allowed on this program.  Thank you.

12) Why do we not call or reply to your questions right away?  In many cases, we may not reply your calls or emails promptly.  It is because of greater number of calls and emails than we are able to handle.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.  But please understand, we are doing everything we can to properly handle your booking requirements. 

13) Passport Validity – If your passport is expired, you may still purchase your tickets.  Please use the following two criteria to continue with the booking process. 

  • Passport number : AA0000000
  • Passport Exp Date : 12/2020

14) Hanatour’s Business hours – Our normal business hours are as follows

  • Mon-Fri from 10am to 5pm EST
  • We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and all Major holidays.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and for your interest in this program.  We will look forward to serving you soon.

The Repatriation Logistics Team
Hanatour of Philadelphia
7827 Old York Road, Suite 101
Elkins Park, Pa 19027
T: 215-935-2500


Welcome to the official Repatriation Program for Thai Nationals