Travel Protection Insurance



필라하나투어가 추천드리는 저렴한 여행자 보험, Pack-N-Go 를 소개드립니다. 

  • 실제 받으시는 보험혜택및 규정은 보험약관 (클릭하세요) 을 참조하십시요.
  • 여행자 보험상품의 종류는 매우 다양하며 구입의무는 없습니다. 
  • 저희 필라하나투어는 여행시 또는 여행출발일 전 발생될수 있는 사고, 질병등으로 인한 사유로 여행을 못가시거나 이에따른 금전적인 손해발생시 아무런 보상 또는 책임을 질수 가 없습니다.  따라서 저희 여행사는 고객께 여행자 보험구입을 적극 추천하여 드립니다.


  • Trip Interruption: Up to 100% of Trip Cost up to a maximum of $1,000
  • Trip Delay: Maximum of $200 per day to a maximum of $1,000
  • Missed Connection: Maximum of $300 per day to a maximum of $500
  • Baggage & Personal Effects: Maximum of $1,000
  • Baggage Delay: Maximum of $200 per day to a maximum of $200
  • Accident Sickness Medical Expense*: Maximum of $25,000 per trip per person
  • Dental: Maximum of $500 per trip per person
  • Emergency Evacuation* & Repatriation of Remains: $500,000
  • A full coverage policy for Pack-N-Go : Please click here to view'
  • *For questions or information contact: Travel Guard 1.800.826.1300

The signature below certify that I have been properly informed of trip protection insurance, and that by electing not to purchase any trip protection plans from Hanatour of Philadelphia or any other individual insurance company, I (we are) am full aware that Hanatour is not liable for any financial liabilities in the event of accidents, trip interruptions, and other damages.  By signing below, I also acknowledge that I represent the decision of purchasing trip insurance of my travelling party, and that they too understand this notice.

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